How To Tell If You Need A New Roof

Ways To Tell If You Need A New RoofYour roof covers about one third of the view of your home, so the appearance should be given careful consideration. People often give little thought to their roof unless it causes them a problem Often an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and regular maintenance may help delay the need for more costly roof repair. Your roof should be inspected twice a year and after any major storm.

The easiest place to start is inside. If you have an obvious leak you have an obvious problem. The next most obvious thing to look for is water spots on the ceiling. They often appear as brown rings. Worse, sometimes you will see black spots, which can be mold.

The next place to look is in the attic. Again, look for water spots or mold, which can grow very quickly, often in as little as 2 days. Other signs of leaking are sagging places in the roof, or any place you can see daylight through the roof.

Now to check outside, you will need a ladder. Leaks in your roof are often caused by damaged flashing, which goes around chimneys, vents, or along the line between two angles in the roofing. The tar around the flashing can deteriorate and crack over time, and fresh tar can prevent costly water and mold damage. Check also, for any missing shingles, which should be replaced immediately.

Check your shingles for signs of buckling, bulging, cracking, or curling. The intense sun in Phoenix can be very hard on shingles, but often a roofer can repair these problems without the expense of an entirely new roof.

Sometimes even new homes can run into roofing problems, such as the roofer neglecting to nail an area of the roof or forgetting to seal around a chimney. If you notice any problem, call a reputable roof repair company before more damage is done.

If you have an older roof, the granules may begin to wear off the shingles. They will look like sand in your gutters. This can be a more serious sign that you need a new roof. Other signs that you may need a new roof are, when you see completely bald spots on shingles where the white fiberglass shows through, or if the shingles break when you handle them. The life span of a shingled roof is about 20 years.

There are many choices of roofing material today. Each has a different life expectancy. Here in Phoenix, tile is a common choice. It is beautiful, and said to last a lifetime. If you have a tile roof, it will still need to be inspected for cracked or broken tiles. Don’t attempt to walk around up there or you will break tiles yourself. Broken tiles need to be replaced by a professional roofer.

Wooden shingle roofs, such as cedar or shake are another alternative. They are said to last about 20 years. Some problems to watch for on a wooden shingle roof are insect damage and moss or algae growth. In Phoenix, though, you are more likely to see splitting of dried out shingles.

If you suspect you need a new roof, it’s a good idea to consult a professional Phoenix roofer. They may tell you it can be repaired instead of replaced. If it does need replacing, it’s a very difficult and sometimes dangerous job; so again, a professional is a good choice.

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